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Practice in the Studio 

Make the most of your practice time with up to date and accurate information for every shot.

You will have detailed feedback of what the ball has done and the physical movement of your swing. If you draw or fade the ball you will know exactly by how much, whether the ball has started online, left or right of target, how far the ball has carried, how high it's flown, how much backspin and so on. You can also record your golf swing and review slow motion video footage so you can see if you are actually doing what you think you are doing, which with the golf swing are not always necessarily the same thing!


Book online now and see the difference a studio practice can make.

  • See your swing on the V1 Coaching System

  • See the result of the ball on the projector screen

  • Check your 'numbers' on the GC2

  • Different practice modes to perfect your approach shots/ driving etc

  • Factual results for measured improvement

  • No wind or rain, just quality practice time

  • Evenings and weekends available

  • Check availability and book online at your convenience

  • 1 x 50 Minute practice session £19.95

  • 10 x 50 Minute practice sessions £199

*please note practice sessions are booked for 1 person only 

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