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TGS Coaching Plans


We are delighted to launch our TGS improvement and performance plans into our pricing structure which offer flexibility, great value for money with a low cost pay monthly option. 


Coaching plans - why are they effective?


The key to continued improvement to any goal is consistency. Consistency in application, consistency in presence, consistency in philosophy. If you have confidence in your golf coach's ability to lead you in the right direction both short and long term (which if you're a client of ours we are sure you have!) and are consistent in your approach to learning, practice and play, then you're giving yourself the best possible chance of success.

So, why are coaching plans effective? because they offer consistency. In everyone's busy everyday lives they offer an anchor, a time for you to put you and your golf first, sometimes just one hour per month, to make a difference to your game of golf and enjoyment of it.

Your golf coach is here to support you in your improvement, to work as a team, a partnership, to work through any golfing issues together and guide you in the right direction for continued improvement and enjoyment. To help us help you, we need to see you - consistently. Not every day, not every week, just the right frequency to keep the partnership working. This isn't guesswork on our part. We've been coaching together for many years and have seen time and time again that the clients who improve the most and maintain their standards are the clients who we see on a consistent basis.


Rory McIlroy...

Your golf lesson is not simply a lesson with continual changes for the sake of it. It's not a lesson just when you're playing badly either. Do you think Rory McIlroy only sees his coach when he's playing badly? No! Rory and his coach will be working together, making sure everything is in top shape and fine tuning making sure to stay at the peak of performance. OK so we're not Rory and playing on tour but a golf lesson is an appraisal of where your golf is and how to increase performance in the various aspects of the game. Even if you're playing well and have just had a handicap cut why stop there? 

We hear this a lot ' I played great and my handicap was cut which is brilliant, but I still could have done better if not for....' Well let's work on what you could have done better so you do it better next time and get your handicap cut further!

What does a typical coaching plan look like?

Your coach will talk to you about your personal coaching plan requirements but typically it will be one or two lessons per month for six months. If there is any doubt about 2 lessons per month being too much, we would recommend just one lesson per month. It's not much is it? A 50 minute golf lesson each month to give yourself a far better chance of progressing your golf to a much better standard and increasing your enjoyment. Just one lesson per month on a consistent basis will enable you and your coach to take ownership of your golf and together make it happen. It's not a constant rebuild, just making sure the progress is continual and when the swing does go off, as it almost certainly will do from time to time, the coach and client can put it straight back on track without ingraining any faults for a sustained period of time through an absence of your coach's input. All while making continual short and long term improvements too.

What happens if I'm on holiday, do I lose my lesson/s?

Absolutely not! Our two plans; the Improvement Plan and the Performance Plan are one and two lessons per month respectively, but really it's best to think of them as simply 6 or 12 lessons over 6 months. The plans are very flexible. You can have more lessons one month and less another due to holidays etc or you can have extra lessons should you wish and if it's clear these will exceed the plans lesson allowance then they can be charged separately at the reduced rate. We'll keep an eye on the suitability of the package and we can review how it's going at the end of the six months and amend, continue or stop. All of your allowance should be used during the six months as there are no carry overs. We can't help you if we don't see you!

How much do the coaching plans cost?

The lesson rate on this plan offers a considerable saving over our individual lesson price with a £20 per lesson saving on the Improvement Plan and a £18.25 per lesson saving for the Performance Plan. Payment is made by monthly direct debit and is £65 for the Improvement Plan (one lesson per month) or £123.50 for the Performance Plan (two lessons per month) For reference our single lesson rate is £85, so there a significant discount for our plans.

How do I start a Coaching Plan?

Simply send us a message on the button below to register your interest and we'll come back to you to 

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