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Our Coaching & Coaching plans 
(and why is indoor coaching better?)

We are probably very different to coaching you've had before and that's not just because of the technology available in the studio. We are full time, specialist golf coaches who, day in day out, coach our clients to better golf. This is our area of expertise and we are very good at it. We see new clients every week who have plateaued or gone backwards with their golf even whilst having golf lessons with their club pro. Our coaching puts you in charge of your golf by giving clarity to your golf swing and what to do to improve your golf in any aspect of the game. We will explain the 'story' of your golf swing and give you the tools to take control. Identifying ball flight characteristics offer you information on what your club has done to the ball. We teach you how to read these clues and quickly rectify. 

As the Studio's two instructors, we have been coaching golf full time for a combined 45 years. During this time we have experienced various facilities, which in the earlier years before technology came along was outdoors, watching the ball flight on a range (in various weather conditions) and using video for our diagnosis to teach and improve golfers. At the time it was fine, mainly due to the fact there was no other option. It's a completely different situation now however. Our indoor studio creates a controlled environment out of the wind and rain and with technology that gives information that simply wasn't available before. Our GC2 equipped bays give us information on ball flight, ball speed, club head speed, club head path, club face alignment, angle of attack and the data goes on! Of course we don't just throw all this information at the student. It is for our use (and yours if you wish) to filter and diagnose exactly what needs to happen to improve your golf game in a simple and manageable manner. Results are measurable for continued progress and if your current lessons don't use launch monitor technology and high speed video you can't possibly be getting the full picture. 

We hear these comments often and offer a solution every time:

  • I know what I'm doing wrong but can't stop it

  • I've had lessons before but they haven't helped

  • My playing partners tell me what I'm doing wrong but they're all telling me different things

  • I can hit it well at the range but not on the golf course

  • My irons are good but my driving is bad (or vice versa!)

  • I watch tips on YouTube but the information isn't helping

  • I'm stuck on ** handicap and can't get lower.

  • I'm a bit lost with loads of different swing thoughts

To get started just book one lesson online (you can pay when you come along for your lesson). This will give you an opportunity to see if you like our coaching and how we can help your golf. At the end of the lesson you can simply pay for that one lesson, or do what almost 100% of clients do and that is pay for a package of six lessons which brings the cost of each lesson down considerably. We do this to reward our regular customers and helps us to make a real improvement to your golf.

After your lesson you will receive video reminders by email to watch 24/7 to make sure you are staying true to your needs for practice and play.

We will improve any standard of golfer, all we ask is for a commitment to follow our instruction given during the lessons and on the schedule/ frequency of lessons themselves. We can't help you if we don't see you! Make a commitment to our coaching and you will not look back. See our success story page and get on board and book online now.

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