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Planning for improvement...

Successes tell their own story as to how an increase in performance was achieved, and after nearly 20 years of working together full time golf coaching, your instructors Steve and Simon have pretty much seen it all. This time also provides a lot of useful historical data to determine 'why did that person do better than another with their golf improvement?'

Here's some of our success stories and find out what Paul, Gordon, Roseann and Yuvi have in common.

Paul Coming off a strong 2021 season playing full time on the UK seniors tour - Paul wanted to make further improvements to his golf that would help him consistently post scores in the mid 70's - Last winter we made technical changes to both his long and short game that helped him achieve this. With an array of solid performances and victories throughout this season it's safe so say we are well and truly on the right track.

Gordon Playing on the Global Amateur Golf Tour (GAGT) for several years now, Gordon has enjoyed his best season to date. Fiercely competitive, the GAGT involves keen amateur golfers, as the name suggests, from all over the world. A large number of tournaments at prestigious venues both in the UK and internationally, culminates in a qualification only season ending championship. Not only did Gordon qualify for this, he is currently sitting a hugely impressive 6th in the order of merit after a number of top 10's this season including a win at West Hill Golf Club.


Roseann has come a long way with her golf, with improvements across the board. Although blessed with strength and dynamism, technically things could have been a lot better when first coming into the Studio with patchy approach shots, erratic short game and hitting irons only off every tee. Roseann now has vastly improved her approach play and short game. So much so that the focus has now shifted firmly towards her fear of the woods and in particular, hitting driver off the tee. It doesn't matter how well someone can hit a 4 iron, if it's used off every single tee, it makes the golf course far longer than it should be. Roseann now has the confidence to hit a driver regularly with the better ones reaching 170+ yards. Not every time yet, but massive strides in the right direction. Well done Roseann!

Yuvan We have been working with Yuvan ( aged 6) for a couple of years and this year was his 1st season playing the majority of events on the Junior Golf Tour. Yuvan has already won a place into the nation finals to be hosted in Ireland! I am sure many more victories will follow in 2023 and watch out for his younger brother who has just started on his own golfing journey.

Common factors for improvement...

The success of the above players has been achieved by hard work and some smart dedication, but what does this commitment look like and how are the goals achieved?

Continuity - it's important to mention that we work with these players on a regular basis, allowing the coaching sessions to be non reactive to bad form or the last bad shot. We have a clear plan of action to achieve an educated golfing adjustment. The partnership of player and coach on a journey to a better golfing destination, at this point it's about receiving 'golf coaching' rather than a 'golf lesson'.

Clarity - Each player has clarity regarding their own golf swing. What their golf swing looks like, feels like and they have knowledge of the moves or feelings needed to guard against poor tendencies that create poor golfing performance. This is not just in game play, but importantly also in practice mode. Practice moves are methodical and rich in positive feelings that give positive reinforcement, allowing for repetition with a good understanding of the moves needed. This in turn also reduces time spent "hitting balls" on the range searching for feelings, which can be very frustrating!

Investment - Obviously there has been a time investment and a financial investment to achieve these results. We are all different and have varying levels of allowances when it comes to both time and money but plans can still be achieved to work along such allowances.

Contact your instructor and ask about your personalised coaching plan:

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