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Custom Fitting and Repairs

It’s critical that your clubs match your swing if you want toachieve increaseddistance, better accuracy and improved ball flight. 


The Golf Studio has the fantastic GC2 launch monitor to take readings from each and every shot to compare and analise results from various manufacterers and specifications to determine the clubs that will make you play better golf. Whether you are a relative beginner or an accomplished player, selecting a set of clubs is one of the most important decisions you’ll make towards improving and enjoying your game. 


Your custom fitting experience at the Golf Studio is without doubt a complete sevice. We have a great selection of major brands at our disposal, Mizuno, Callaway and Taylor Made to name a few. We conduct fittings for all clubs including sets of irons, Driver or Hybrid/ fairway woods.


You are more than welcome to come in with a specific brand in mind and we will endevour to match the right clubhead and shaft characteristics to your preferred brand to get the very best out of your choice. The fitting service will take 45 - 60 minutes and the fitting cost of £60 is deducted from the cost of the clubs upon order which makes the fitting completely free!


Finally, not only do you get the most comprehensive fitting service available, we also offer great value for money along with the personal touch of a highly professional fitting service.


Just get in touch with your equipment requirements and we will be delighted to help.

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