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Our Coaching

(and why is indoor coaching better?)

As a potential new customer to the golf studio you've probably been recommended to The Golf Studio or simply become disillusioned with your golf and decided to do some research into how you can turn things around.

Well read on, you have taken the first step towards playing better golf by landing on our website.

Firstly we do things differently to your typical golf coach at the range or golf course. That's stated through experience, as the Studio's two main instructors we have been coaching golf full time for a combined 45+ years and know how to achieve the best results for our clients through a very different coaching environment.

Our indoor studio creates a controlled environment out of the wind and rain and with technology that gives information that simply isn't available in your garden variety golf lesson on the range. Our Foresight Sports GC2 (with Head Measurement Technology) equipped bays give us information on ball flight, ball speed, club head speed, club head path, club face alignment, angle of attack to mention a few and our high speed video cameras enable us to show you your golf swing for easy understanding of our coaching instructions. We use our expertise to diagnose exactly what needs to happen to improve your golf game and put this across to you in a simple and manageable manner.

You will not be overwhelmed with multiple swing thoughts or information and you'll not be embarking on an unnecessary golf swing rebuild. Simply a clear plan of improvement in stages from a highly experienced golf coach. 

Results are measurable for continued progress and if your current lessons don't use launch monitor technology you can't possibly be getting the full picture.

  • 'I thought my game was deteriorating because I was getting older, I didn't realise I'd be able to hit a ball like that again!!' E.D.

  • 'I've had golf lessons before but was never really given a proper explanation of what to do to improve things, it was just a bit of a quick fix that didn't last' J.G

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