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Darragh Monaghan

Handicap : 1.7     Type of golfer: Elite

darragh pic.jpg

Pre lesson situation: Darragh was home from college in America due to the Coronavirus pandemic and was recommended to the studio by a friend. Obviously a very good player but lacking consistency and as such the scores were not as good as they should have been. During the initial session with Steve it was suggested a change in tack from his previous coaching to improve the 'lines of his swing' with matching club face characteristics to enable Darragh to control the flight and direction better, especially with his considerable distance.


Where we are now: Darragh has reduced his handicap over two whole shots to 1.7 in the 3 months he's been visiting the studio and has just tied 2nd for the Walton Heath club championships. Soon to be heading back to college in America but with remote coaching set up so he can continue to feed back information to the studio and receive instruction to keep his excellent progress ongoing.  

Suzy Earland 

Handicap: 14.4 (from 36!)   Type of golfer: Regular club player 

suzy earland.jpg

Pre lesson situaton: Suzy was a complete beginner to the game, she had never held a golf club and wanted tuition from the start.

Target: Suzy simply wanted to see if she could play and enjoy a game of golf with her husband and son.

Where we are now: She is now has a competitive 14 handicap and has greater ambitions to reduce it further. Now a full member of the RAC Golf Club where she has become a predominant  part of the ladies section. Suzy has had many victories in singles, pairs and team events at the club. Well Done Suzy!

Harry McGuire

Handicap: 11   Type of golfer: Very regular!


Pre lesson situaton: Harry came to the studio as a talented 9 year old with a huge passion and enthusiasm for golf whilst playing off a 20 handicap.

Target: To give Harry the best possible chance of progressing his golf to his absolute maximum potential in the long term.

Where we are now: Harry has been a regular visitor to the studio and has a fantastic work ethic to go with his talent. Now aged 11, Harry plays off an 11 handicap and has progressed fantastically well with this technique. It bodes well for the short term and is hugely exciting to see where his golf leads him in the future. One to watch!

UPDATE: Now at 14 years of age Harry is now representing Surrey and has a handicap of 1.

Paul Shinerock

Handicap: None   Type of golfer: Occasional

Shinerock photo.jpg

Pre lesson situaton: In Paul’s annual corporate golf day his displays had been less than impressive. Assigned the standard handicap of 28, Paul was almost always sub 20 stableford points with one year being just 4 points!

Target: To surprise his fellow competitors and play good golf with a respectable score

Where we are now: This years’ corporate outing yielded 29 stableford points, a huge improvement on previous years displays. Our main objective now is for Paul to become increasingly more in control of his golf. Paul is now able to play high quality golf shots with good distance that would do a low double-digit handicap proud. These will become more repeatable with the bad shots being less penalising. Paul is on his way to playing consistent golf to an enjoyable standard and be able to compete not merely take part.

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