It's a bold statement, but you have found the right place to play much better golf and lower your handicap!

We have helped hundreds of golfers gain a better understanding of their golf and take control of their game. There's nothing more frustrating than bad golf with no solutions or guesswork. Get accurate answers to your tendencies and how to deal with them. Whether you're a committed full time player, an occasional golfer or a keen amateur
we can help!
How we revolutionise your golf

How and why it works 

  • Create a relationship with you that you can rely on and trust

  • Listen to your requirements and work with you

  • Results focussed coaching for short and long term improvement

  • Offer support through the learning curve of improving your golf

  • Cover every aspect of scoring improvement

  • Utilise high speed cameras to view your golf swing

  • GC2 launch monitor data for strike and flight efficiency

  • Help you understand your golf swing and how it works

  • See measureable results in your golf

Nick Stephens

I have been learning for 2 years with no real improvement so I came to see Simon at the studio and its honestly the best thing i ever did .

Tony Pugh

I have been working with Steve for past 6 months and i'm now playing the golf of  my life

Roger Davies

The golf studio is simply the best place to improve you golf, I have had many lessons outside with no feedback and never really improved


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