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With the onset of Coronavirus we have been working hard to find a way for us all to remain golfing active, maintain and even improve our golfing techniques whilst we're all at home in isolation. After all drills, exercises and slow motion positioning is a large part of our coaching so why can't we do this at home or in our garden!

We wanted to find a way to continue to guide you with your golf on a one to one basis, the same as in the studio, but remotely. Let's turn all this spare time we have around, use it to our advantage and really make an impact on what we've been working on in the studio, so we're ready for the off when the golfing season starts!


How do we do this? - We are delighted to say we have joined forces with

The Golf Coach App.

We feel that this simple to use app is probably the best online coaching resource there is. Over the past week ,we have been trialing this app with a selection of our own clients and we feel this app is the solution to us helping you improve your golf during this "lock-down period".


Using the Golf Coach App

  • Download free of charge to your Android or Apple device

  • Create student account

  • Enter your coach code  STEVEBLACKLEE or SIMONBATES

  • Fill out your profile

  • Verify your Email

  • Your request to join will be sent to your chosen instructor which of course we'll accept.


Steve Blacklee



Simon Bates


That's it! You will now be linked to your Golf Studio instructor. Via the app we would like you to send us anything and everything golf related and we mean anything, however improvised! The biggest and best function of the app is you will be able to send us video's of your golf swing. To send videos via the app they must be filmed with the app. This is to ensure that the correct camera angles and settings are in place which gives so much more value to the swings that you send your instructor. However, you can also send pictures of a golf swing position ie top of back swing, or your grip, posture etc, or voice notes with comments on or you can screenshot positions of your golf swing on your device. Don't worry about getting anything wrong with the app, it's very good and like most things might just take a little getting used to. Just remember, a practice swing or practice move filmed absolutely anywhere is fine, so if you have a hydrangea up behind you and the cat running between your feet, no problem! (just don't hit the cat).


Please watch our                              video that we have done that describes how to send us your golf swing. If you're still unsure, we'll happily talk you through it on the phone or by message


We would like EVERYONE to send us something golf technique related through the app. We will give feedback and instruction back through the app either by commentary or video or a bit of each. This will all be completely free of charge for 7 days from when you registeer with your instructor, so please try it and we welcome any feedback! After  your trial period

we will introduce a discounted 'lockdown' rate of just £24.95 per month. This will give you unlimited access to your coach and the Golf Coach App. Send through as many messages as you like and let's get buzzing about golf again!


Existing pre-paid packages


Many of you receive your golf lessons as part of a pre-paid package. Any lessons remaining in these packages will of course be honoured in full and be waiting for you when the Studio re-opens upon the governments say so. The expiry on these will also be extended by 6 months giving ample time to use after re-opening. 


We would both like to thank you all for your custom over the years. It's obviously a difficult spell for everyone including ourselves. We would like to bring a coaching service to our valued customers over the following weeks and maybe months, even if we can't see you in person. We are absolutely sure you'll like this remote coaching service and we hope it will help us all through these long days at home! Please give the app a try and send us your golf swing and we'll have some fun during these dark times improving your golf.

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